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  • Increase Access to Piped Water Networks Nationwide.
  • Improve Service Reliabilty and Financial Viability of Water Utilities.
  • Create Enabling Environment for Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the Water Sector

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What are in it for all?

The overwhelming benetits of the reform touch on all aspects of our livelihood. With greater access to good quality water by our people irrespective of their positions in the economic divide, there will be improved sanitation and personal hygiene leading to reduction in disease spread.

One of the inherent benehts is improved standard of living while employment will be generated through private sector participation and greater participation of the communities. Access to water will be more equitable while water pricing will be fairto all. With the nnancial viability of urban water utilities, there will bejob security in addition to capacity building for public servants involved in water and sanitation service delivery.

Service providers will enjoy more autonomy to adequately and promptly respond to water supply exigencies in their operational area while other sectors of the economy will enjoy the multiplier effects of improved water senrices. The enormous benefits of the reform project can only be a reality if all  stakeholders own the programme, encourage it and sustain it.