• Increase Access to Piped Water Networks Nationwide.
  • Improve Service Reliabilty and Financial Viability of Water Utilities.
  • Create Enabling Environment for Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the Water Sector

Mission Statement

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Recent Updates


2nd NUWSRP: Project Key Data
Project 2nd Urban
Total Bank financing US$ 200m
Proposed terms Standard IDA, with 40-years maturity
Project effective Date November 15, 2005
Closing Date May 31, 2016

Project development objective and key indicators

The Project's principal development outcomes are to:

  1. Improve reliability of water supply produced by the water treatment works in Lagos.
  2. Increase access to piped water networks in four cities in Cross River State.
  3. Improve commercial viability of the urban water utilities in Cross River and Lagos States.

Progress toward these principal development outcomes are measured through

  1. The increase in operating capacity and hours of operation for the Lagos treatment works.
  2. The increase in the number o f connections to the piped water system in Cross River State.
  3. The degree to which operating costs are recovered from water sales revenues in Cross River and Lagos States.

The Project has four components

  1. Rehabilitation and network Expansion: For engineering and civil works executed within in Lagos and Cross River States, as well as dam maintenance and heavy rolling stock for the utilities.
  2. Public Private Partnership (PPP) Development. To support:

    • The design and tendering of the management contract for the Lagos Treatment Works.
    • Studies and assistance related to ensuring smooth operation of the contract in Cross River State.
    • Fees for the treatment works operator.
  3. Service Sustainability and Project Management: This component is to assist the utilities to function at increasing efficiency and self sustainability and provides subsides for energy and chemicals, supports stakeholder outreach programs, provide for office equipment and supports the Project Implementation Units.

  4. Institutional Development and Policy Reform: Support under this component is for expert technical assistance for utilities and the FMWR, staff training, river basin planning and MDG tracking.

Implementation Agencies

  1. Federal Ministry of Water Resources
  2. Lagos State Water Corporation
  3. Cross River State Water Board Limited