• Increase Access to Piped Water Networks Nationwide.
  • Improve Service Reliabilty and Financial Viability of Water Utilities.
  • Create Enabling Environment for Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the Water Sector

Mission Statement

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Recent Updates


3rd NUWSRP: Project Key Data
Project 3rd Urban
Total Bank financing US$ 250m
Proposed terms Standard IDA, with 40-years maturity
Project Implementation Period Start: February 12, 2015 End: June 30, 2020
Project effective Date February 12, 2015
Planned Closing Date June 30, 2020

Project development objectives and key indicators

The Project's principal development outcomes are to:

  1. Increase access to improve water supply service in seleceted cities and urban centres in Bauchi, Ekiti and Rivers States.
  2. Improve the financial viability of the urban water utilities in Bauchi, Ekiti and Rivers States.

The Project has three components

  1. Sector Reforms and Water Supply Investment: Supporting the SWAs complete the mapping of the users, understanding the basics of water business. Rehabilitation of water production and expansion of distribution facilities..
  2. Governance, Institutional Strengthening and Human Capacity Development.

    • Finance support of the Federal Government to Nine States (Kano, Gombe, Jigawa, Benue, Ondo, Abia, Anambra, Bayelsa and Plateau) for non reimbursable technical assistance consisting of studies, training, goods and also relatively small but critical emergency and rehabilitation works.
    • Makes the States finance ready for large investment, ensuring that adequate technical, environmental and social provisions are incorporated into the investment plan.
  3. Sector Wide Improvement and Project Management at the Federal Level: This component is to assist the Federal in technical assistance, training and workshops for FPIU and FMWR staff and FPIU incremental operating cost. Project performance monitoring to support institutional reforms.

Implementation Agencies

  1. Federal Ministry of Water Resources
  2. Bauchi State Water Corporation
  3. Ekiti  State Water Corporation
  4. Port Harcourt Water Corporation