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  • Increase Access to Piped Water Networks Nationwide.
  • Improve Service Reliabilty and Financial Viability of Water Utilities.
  • Create Enabling Environment for Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the Water Sector

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What about Environment & Social aspects?

One of the core components of the urban water sector reform programme is the water supply systems rehabilitation and expansion. The process would involve extensive physical works that may have social and environmental implications such as degradation and involuntary resettlement. ln response to the above, an Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) and Resettlement Policy Framework have been developed.

The frameworks proffer the technical, social and institutional measures to be taken during implementation and operation of the projects investments to eliminate adverse environmental and social impacts, offset them or reduce them to acceptable levels. Environmental lmpactAssessment (ElA) of all physical works investments is made compulsory to take into account the natural environment (air, land and water conditions); human health and safely, social aspects such as involuntary resettlement, indigenous people and cultural property. As much as possible, the reform desires a stress free change to better public water supply conditions.

When there is resultant loss of assets or denial of access to assets, relocation or loss of shelter, loss of income sources or means of livelihood like economic crops, whether or not the affected person must physically move to another location, adequate resettlement and compensation plan have been laid down to reduce to the barest minimum the effects of such relocations.

Through constant consultation with the affected people and stakeholders in the water sector, the project promises to deliver effective and adequate cushioning measures. Tackling these environmental and social concerns shall be operationalised by a combined efforts of the participating State Environmental Protection Agencies, the Federal Ministry of Environment and Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources.