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  • Increase Access to Piped Water Networks Nationwide.
  • Improve Service Reliabilty and Financial Viability of Water Utilities.
  • Create Enabling Environment for Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the Water Sector

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How will our Policy support it

The new urban water sector climate will be ushered in through a revised National Water Supply and Sanitation Policy (NWSSP). This policy will address the observed inadequacies in the existing policy in terms of target setting, service levels, sanitation issues, institutional responsibilities, monitoring, evaluation and regulation. Intemational best practices that have seen the management of urban water sectors of developed and developing countries achieving enviable and sustainable heights are anchored on the perception of water as an economic good which has to be appropriately priced and paid for in a manner that can sustain future productions.

They encourage private sector participation while adopting demand driven approach in provision of water facilities with the ever presence of independent regulation and equally providing for full cost recovery on investments. These practise will be promoted inthe policy. The principles guiding the formulation ofthe revised National Water Supply and Sanitation? Policy include among others; the sharing of responsibilities at all levels of govemment to cover such issues as funding, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation and adequate regulation.

Principally, water is perceived here as an economic good but should also command equitable access and fair pricing. The senrice providers should have autonomy while management of the water facilities would be promoted to be at lowest appropriate level with the states setting their standards and targets.