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1st NUWSRP: Project Key Data

Project 1st Urban
Credit No. CR 3924-0 UNI
Initial Amount $120M
Effectiveness 14th December, 2004
Start Date 30th September, 2004
Moratorium 40 years
Duration 10 years
Commitment Fee 0.75% (1/2 of 1%) per annum
Service Charge 0.5% (3/4 of 1%) per annum
Additional Credit No. CR 4784-NG
Total Amount $80M
Closing Date 30th September, 2013


  • To increase access to piped water networks in selected urban towns
  • To improve service reliability and financial viability through optimal involvement of private partners in the management of the State Water Utilities.


  1. Rehabilitation and Network Expansion: The project provides funds for the participating states to rehabilitate and restore the existing infrastructure, with the overall objective to have their water supply systems operating at installed capacity. Support for the purchase of essential vehicles and specialized rolling stock for affected State Water Agencies (SWAs) are also included, as well as production and zonal meters to provide vital operational information.
  2. Public-Private Partnership Development: It is anticipated that each of the participating states will enter into a public-private partnership for management of the State Water Authority to rebuild technical and commercial capacity and assure adequate operation and maintenance arrangements.
  3. Capacity Building and Project Management: The Project also provides support for Capacity Building and Project Management in the FMWR and the State Water Authorities. This includes project management costs, stakeholder communication programs, training and office equipment.
  4. Policy Reform & Institutional Development: Under this component, support is given to: (i) development of a national low income household service strategy; (ii) assist in the establishment of State Water Regulatory Authorities; and (iii) complete and implement a National Water Policy and (iv) carry out initial, and then annual, Water Investment Mobilization and Application Guidelines (WIMAG) conferences.


  1. Federal Ministry of Water Resources
  2. Kaduna State Water Board
  3. Enugu State Water Board
  4. Ogun State Water Corporation